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Once we have discussed the details of your central vac repair or installation, a certified technician will be scheduled & dispatched to your home in South, Florida. Big or small, we'll take on the job. When fast service is needed; call Gator! We install, service, and sell all the major central vacuum brands. Some central vacuum system repairs simply require a replacement motor, relay, transformer, or central vacuum power unit. We come to every job site with a stocked truck including supplies such as hoses, attachments, motors, power units, etc.

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Gator Vacuum sells every part and accessory required to repair your   central vacuum system!. We have one of the largest selections of Central Vacuums, Household Vacuums, Commercial Vacuums and Backpack Vacuums.

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What were the Benefits of owning an AstroVac Central Vacuum Unit?

In 1961, Richard visited the USA to attend a marketing and design conference where he came across a new vacuum appliance. This 'Ducted Vac System' was one of the few central vacuum systems made for residential use. Richard started shipping these units to Australia to market them and thus began AstroVac.

    • Special Motor Interrupters: AstroVac central vacuum systems come with repairable long life motors. Special interrupters have been installed in the system so that the motor can be automatically stopped when they reach the end of their brush life. This will help you to replace the brushes without causing any damage to the motor.
    • Power Features: A standby power feature ensures that the automatic on/off switch from your inlet will turn the central vacuum power unit off completely so that there is no loss of power or energy leakage. This takes place only after your vacuuming work is over and the hose is removed from the inlet.
    • Easy Maintenance: AstroVac central vacuum systems have a built-in can liner, which allows maintenance to be performed automatically. This liner helps ensure that dust and debris are not circulated back into your living environment.
    • Easy to Install: The AstroVac central vacuum is for residential use and can be easily installed in your garage or just outside your home. These central vacuum systems have been manufactured in the USA using high-quality materials and come with a stainless steel canister, which is highly durable and recyclable. Once the central vacuum system is installed, you will be able to use it in any part of your home with ease.
    • Warranty: Warranty on most AstroVac central vacuum systems are provided by Lindsay Manufacturing and the warranty can vary from 1 year to 5 years depending on the type of cleaner you purchase. Most of the accessories attached to the central vacuum system are available with a warranty of 1 year while the warranty on the motor is that of 5 years.