How You Can Use Your Vacuum To Eliminate The Evidence Of Your Cats

You love your furry friends, but you don't love the fur they leave behind. There are all kinds of reasons to have cats in your life, but when they shed, it can feel like you're drowning in pet hair! Luckily, there are solutions in place to help you deal with the amount of hair they shed, day after day. Read on to find out how you can eliminate the evidence of your cats that they leave behind.

Regularly Vacuum To Keep Hair Down

This is an obvious tip, but there are no two ways about it. If you want to keep the cat hair in your hometown, then you're going to need to vacuum regularly. Some people vacuum every day, just to ensure that there's never any cat hair collecting in their home. You don't need to be that thorough, but you do need to be regular. Keeping on top of the shedding means that you won't be wading through cat hair when they start to moult.

Vacuum Your Cat?

Boca Raton Vaccum CleanerIt sounds bizarre, but some cats will quite happily allow themselves to be vacuumed. You may already know that your cat loves to be given a once-over with the vacuum cleaner. If they do, great. You can buy attachments specifically for pets, so you can brush them and remove any loose fur at the same time. Try your local vacuum cleaner Boca Raton store, to see what they have on offer.

If you have a new cat, you can help them get used to the vacuum cleaner if you want to try vacuuming them yourself. Make sure you have the vacuum cleaner out around them often, and show them it's nothing to be afraid of. If they get used to it, that means you can stop a lot of shedding right in its tracks.

Kitty litter is a nightmare for any cat owner. Your cat will often manage to kick it out of the pan, meaning you've got to clean it up. Many owners will bring out the vacuum cleaner and suck it up, which looks like a good idea in theory. Sometimes though, you're actually causing more damage. This is especially true with bagless vacuums, which pull dirt directly through the fan. The litter can damage your vacuum, meaning you're shortening its lifespan.

If you want to clean up kitty litter, the best option is to buy a cordless or handheld vacuum to clean it up. It may feel a little extravagant to buy a whole new vacuum cleaner to just clean up after your cat, but it's worth it if you can keep your regular vacuum cleaner going for longer.

Buy A Vacuum Cleaner Designed For Your Furry Friend

If you're in the market for a new vacuum cleaner, then it's time to look into cleaners that are designed to handle pet hair. They're often more robust and will keep going for longer when regular vacuum cleaners may give up. Take a look in your local vacuum cleaner store, such as us here at Gator Vacuum and Sewing Co., to see what we have to offer.

If you're not looking to replace your vacuum cleaner right now, then you may need to get it repaired if cat hair causes problems for you. You'll want a vacuum repair shop Boca Raton that's experienced in fixing fur related mishaps in your vacuum. Don't be afraid to ask before you leave your vacuum with them. Many pet owners choose to find a good repair company, as they don't want to simply throw out their vacuum and buy a new one, as it creates a lot of waste. By keeping their cleaner maintained and repaired when needed, they can drastically increase the lifespan of their appliance.

Anyone who owns a cat knows just how much hair they can drop around the house, every day. Even the smallest of our feline companions can create a whole lot of mess. By using these tips, you'll be able to keep your house clean and free of hair cat. In fact, you can even make it look like they're not there! Keep vacuuming the hair and you'll have a home free of fur.