What's better: Bagged or Bagless Vacuums?

Are you considering the purchase of a bagless vacuum/central vacuum cleaner?

If so, please allow us to share some thoughts on this topic as you ponder the issue. On this page, you will read on several places that our qualified technicians are firm in their position that a bagged unit is the most hygienic and scientifically substantiated method to dispose of household dirt and lung-damaging particles. A dust cloud around the wastebasket and washing dirty containers do not paint a clear picture of hygienic dust removal, especially if you have even the mildest case of allergies or asthma.

Many things can be collected in your dirt canister such as household dirt, hair, sand, skin flakes, dust mites, pollen, bacteria, carpet fibers, smells, as well as, other lung-damaging particles such as mildew, rotting food particles & pet dander. You may also have such things as dead bugs, dead spiders, dead ants, dead lizards, dead flies...

Bagged or Bagless Household & Central Vacuum Systems?

Many people contemplate bagless vacuums and central vacuums in order to avoid the cost of disposable replacement bags. We believe the cost of a bag is a small price to pay for securing your health and the protection of your vacuum motor. Exposure to tiny, lung-damaging particles has been linked to many health issues.

We will be the first to admit that a dump-out system will have some performance loss as the dust collecting canister fills up. The fact is that all systems will have a slight loss of performance over a period of time. It is our opinion that semi-annual replacement of a paper bag is, by far, more efficient with less hassle and the benefits far outweigh the health risk of using a dump-out system.