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Once we have discussed the details of your central vac repair or installation, a certified technician will be scheduled & dispatched to your home in South, Florida. Big or small, we'll take on the job. When fast service is needed; call Gator! We install, service, and sell all the major central vacuum brands. Some central vacuum system repairs simply require a replacement motor, relay, transformer, or central vacuum power unit. We come to every job site with a stocked truck including supplies such as hoses, attachments, motors, power units, etc.

We do not carry Easy-Flo central vacuums. What we do offer is other central vacuums that are more powerful, quieter, and longer lasting. Want to upgrade or replace your Easy Flo central vacuum? View our recommendations or give us a call at 1.800.322.2965 and we'll be happy to help you find a central vacuum that suits your needs!

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Gator Vacuum sells every part and accessory required to repair your   central vacuum system!. We have one of the largest selections of Central Vacuums, Household Vacuums, Commercial Vacuums and Backpack Vacuums.

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Since 1977 Easy-Flo began testing self-cleaning filtration systems with non-stick coatings. They are credited with perfecting the first 'true' self-cleaning central vacuum system. Easy-Flo has been recommended several times in "Allergy Avoidance In The Home", the number one North American physician booklet handout.

Easy-Flo central vacuum power units come with a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser at the original installation address. Easy-Flo requires you to bring in your power unit to an authorized dealer every five years for maintenance and to replace the carbon brushes in the motor housing.