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Since the 1950's Beam has been manufacturing vacuums. In 1957, Beam Manufacturing Company was sold and the name changed to Beam Industries under the leadership of R.L. Sampson. Beam Industries became known as Electrolux Central Vacuum Systems in 2007. They now market central vacuum systems under the brand names of Beam, Electrolux, and Eureka

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What were the Benefits of owning a Beam Central Vacuum Unit?

Beam has come a long way since they first started in the early 1950's. For over 50 Years, Beam has been and still is one of the top brands in the central vacuum industry.

    • Quietly Powerful: Beam power units are considered the best when it comes to cleaning and ingenuity. The power units consist of the patented Quiet Pak™ sound insulation system, which makes it one of the quietest central vacuum power units in the industry.
    • Self Cleaning: Beam central vacuum systems come with a built-in self-cleaning feature. Basically, the system consists of self-cleaning vacuum filters made from GORE-TEX® fabric and this enables the Beam®® central vacuum systems to clinically remove or reduce allergy symptoms.
    • Cyclonic Filtration: Beam central vacuum systems use cyclonic forces for separating large dirt particles as well as allergens from the vacuumed indoor air. The built-in permanent filter in the vacuum system can remove small and invisible particles with a stunning 98% efficiency rate. Most models come with a Paper Bag option.
    • HEPA Filter: The HEPA self-cleaning filter in Beam central vacuum systems can clean itself whenever the system is turned off. The HEPA filter removes 98% of particles at .3microns in diameter and the HEPA Filter helps extend the life of the motor. No bags are required and it has a lifetime warranty.
    • Zero Replacements: If you are using a Beam central vacuum system then you will never have to worry about cleaning or changing the filters or screens.
    • On-Guard™: Beam central vacuum systems consist of On-Guard™ dirt receptacle, which has been infused with an anti-microbial agent known as AlphaSan®. This helps in preventing the growth of bacteria in the bucket itself. As a result, there is no loss of power when the bucket gets filled up. This allows the vacuum system unit to maintain high levels of performance for longer periods of time.
    • Complete Systems: Beam central vacuum systems are complete units that are not only affordable but attractive as well. These systems can be used effectively for residential purposes as well as for the commercial sector. All Beam systems consist of a power unit, hose, power brush, dirt collection receptacle, and other cleaning accessories. You will also receive a detailed installation manual and video for installing it.