Central Vacuum Cleaner West Palm Beach won't suck? Here are a couple tips that might help

Is your central vacuum cleaner having problems with picking up dirt, allergens, spills or messes? Are you having trouble with your central vacuum cleaner West Palm Beach suction or cleaner parts of cleaning any type of mess whether it is dirt, dust bunnies or allergens? Trying to clean any type of mess makes it nearly futile for you to get your home into speculator clean while making sure your vacuum cleaner is working properly.
We know how messes can pile up around a home that increases dust bunnies, dirt, debris, dust mites, and carpet spills. What happens when your central vacuum cleaner won’t pick up these messes anymore? What could be the problem with vacuum not sucking up dirt?

Central vacuum service West Palm Beach Height Is Wrong

One reason a lot of people may not know why their vacuum cleaner isn’t picking things up off the floor is if the height setting for the vacuum is too high for the type of floor you are vacuuming. Bare floor is the lowest your vacuum can go and should be used for any tile, wood, or another hardwood flooring because it will seal the vacuum to your floor to allow the most suction power.

Central vacuum cleaner parts West Palm Beach Change the Bag

The first place to look is the central vacuum cleaner bag. When a bag is full or if it has become ripped or torn, there will be a corresponding loss of suction. Even if the bag looks intact but there is still a suction loss, change it for a new one. This way, you will know for sure that the bag is not the problem. 

Central vacuum cleaner parts West Palm Beach the Hose Is Clogged

Hallandale Beach Central Vacuum ServiceIf you are cleaning your home and notice changing an over-full West Palm Beac central vacuum  bag or emptying the canister didn’t resolve the issue, there may have been so much stuff trying to get into the vacuum that it clogged the hoses leading to the bag or canister. If you remove the bag or canister and look into the hole where they attach to the vacuum, you might see a clog of hair. If you do, grab some tweezers and start pulling out hair chunks. If it doesn’t seem like you are getting all of it, you can detach the hose from the vacuum and work on it that way too.
If you discover there is a clog in the middle of the hose where you can’t reach with your fingers or tweezers, there are 2 ways that I have found to remove stubborn clogs. The first is to completely remove the hose, take it outside, tightly hold onto the unclogged end, and spin the hose around as fast as you can. The centrifugal motion will force the clog to the end of the hose so you can pull it out. The other way I’ve discovered to unclog a vacuum hose is to use a long stick, like a broom handle. Carefully start to feed the stick into the vacuum hose. When you get to the clog, begin to push it through until it pops out the end of the hose. With either of these methods, do them outside and have a trash can ready because there’s usually a poof of loose dust that will release with the clog.

Central vacuum cleaner repair parts West Palm Beach the Vacuum Isn’t Airtight

Just like its name, a vacuum relies on the machine creating a vacuum to suck up dirt, carpet spills and dust mites from the floor. If air is escaping the system, it can’t pull the stuff up. If the vacuum isn’t full of dirt, and the hoses aren’t clogged, the next common reason that your vacuum isn’t working well could be because it’s not airtight. Just like its name says, a vacuum relies on the machine creating a vacuum to suck up dirt and scraps from the floor.

Central vacuum repair West Palm Beach Clean the Filters

Most modern vacuums have two filters. There may be a filter to keep dust out of the motor, or a pre-motor filter, and an exhaust filter. They may have a plastic frame surrounding a sheet of material, or there may be a boxlike container that holds a sponge type of high-efficiency particulate air filter. Most filters are washable and, once dried, can be inserted back into place. If they are damaged, they must be replaced.