Central Vacuum Cleaners for Your Business

Imagine that you have recently opened up a new business. You are assisting a customer when suddenly something spills, making a horrific mess all across the floor. When spills and other such accidents like this happen, hauling a large vacuum cleaner from a separate storage room to clean up the mess is not the most convenient thing to do, especially during the workday when you have to maneuver it around other customers and employees. Investing in a central vacuum will allow you, as a business owner, to have an efficient solution to this problem.
A central vacuum unit consists of multiple vacuum inlets throughout the building, as well as a vacuum hose and head that you can easily carry around and clean with. The main suction unit, comparable to the heavy part of a traditional vacuum cleaner, is typically installed in the warehouse/storage room of your building. If the idea of having a central vacuum for your business interests you, take a look at Gator Vacuum. We are a central vacuum service in Fort Lauderdale and specialize in repairing and installing central vacuums in a wide variety of building units.
Fort Lauderdale Central Vacuum Repair 

Benefits of a Central Vacuum

There are many reasons why having a central vacuum is a superior option to having a regular vacuum cleaner. One of the most obvious benefits is the convenience that comes with having a central vacuum unit. Whether there is a large spill in the kitchen of your restaurant or a collection of dust and dirt throughout your office, a central vacuum can clean up any mess. Operating a bulky vacuum cleaner and having to haul it around the building regularly, is extremely inefficient. Having a central vacuum unit with multiple inlets and a flexible, lightweight hose can save you the stress and hassle that comes with a traditional vacuum cleaner. At Gator Vacuum, we have experience with installing all the necessary parts of a central vacuum unit, and we are the best built-in vacuum cleaner service Fort Lauderdale has to offer.
While vacuum cleaners are known to emit a loud, deafening noise, central vacuums are quite the opposite. While the main suction unit itself makes a lot of noise, the actual hoses and heads that you use within your building are almost completely silent. This is a huge advantage when dealing with messes during hours of operation, as using a central vacuum will not disrupt employees, customers, phone calls, meetings, or the general day-to-day tasks of your business.
Another highly attractive quality of central vacuum units is their potential to save money. Traditional vacuum cleaners are portable, and generally, need to be replaced every few years. Comparatively, a central vacuum unit is more reliable and cost-efficient. With all the expenses involved with maintaining your business, having a central vacuum unit allows you peace of mind knowing that you can manage the cleanliness of your building in the most cost-effective way. Your employee(s) will also spend less time and effort on cleaning, which means fewer hours worked, saving your business money.

Choose Gator Vacuum For All Your Central Vacuum Needs

Gator VacuumIf you’ve decided that you want to install a central vacuum unit in your business, there is no better company that Gator Vacuum to get the job done. We service, install, and sell over 45 central vacuum brands, including AirVac, Whirlpool, and Eureka. Our experienced professionals sell every accessory needed to make sure that your central vacuum unit is good to go and make the installation and repair processes as efficient as possible. Other central vacuum companies typically require an appointment in advance, but at Gator Vacuum we offer same-day estimates and affordable repairs. Our professional experts, as well as our exceptional and reasonably- priced services, is why we are the best vacuum repair shop in Fort Lauderdale.
As is evident, there are many advantages of having a central vacuum unit for your business. From convenience to less noise to affordability, installing a central vacuum unit can certainly make the day-to-day functioning of your business more efficient. Investing in the services of the experienced professionals at Gator Vacuum will make the installation process easy and affordable as well. Contact us at 954-341-4323 to speak to one of our specialists today.

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