Central Vacuum Maintenance Tips for Your Home

A central vacuum is a great way of getting your home clean; it's efficient, fast, and powerful. That explains why people are increasingly using them across American homes. Yet, this also implies that the care and maintenance issues that these systems face are becoming commonplace.
Understanding how to care for your system is vital to ensuring it functions at peak efficiency. Thankfully, we're vacuum specialists in everything concerning central vacuums. If you're thinking of investing in a new system, our Hollywood central vacuums won't disappoint you.
After all, we've been in the business for over 25 years, offering repair and installation service to Hollywood residents. If you're thinking of conducting DIY maintenance on your system, consider these invaluable tips. 

Regular Cleaning and Maintenance 

Central systems don't need considerable maintenance once you install them. Like numerous vacuum systems, you must empty a central vacuum of the accumulated dirt in its canister; if your system uses a filter bag, you must replace that too.
Generally, we recommend you do this between two and four times annually, depending on the system and the amount of help your house requires to remain clean. If you're cleaning less than this, your vacuum might not be picking everything it should.
On the other hand, if you're cleaning the system more than this, there's cause for concern. Perhaps your filter needs changing more than this, or your dirtbag needs replacement before it's actually full. It's advisable you confirm with your manufacturer to establish the optimal conditions for maintaining the elements of your vacuum system. 
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Don't Overuse 

By overusing, we imply blocking it with excess debris or with debris that can't fit in the outlets. Don't try to clean up huge garbage pieces or liquid messes with your central system. This could block the system, in which case you'll need central vacuum Hollywood Florida to conduct maintenance and repairs. 

Alter the paper bag more frequently 

People often overlook the simplest and most efficient way of making their appliance perform better. Remember, no machine functions well when it's blocked. Airflow is necessary to cool the motor and pick up dirt.
We've noticed that by the time the system's bag is half full most appliances almost have no airflow left. We advise clients against trying to save cash by extending the bags' use. We recommend you discard it. After all, the least costly thing you'll use in your appliance is the bags in the long run. Consider changing them once monthly and your appliance will clean better and your motor will last longer. 

Have it Serviced Regularly 

Your vacuum system is like a vehicle; therefore, some preventive maintenance goes a long way. Having a regular central vacuum service will result in savings because our professionals will catch minor issues before they become major and will help you do a better cleaning job.
You should overhaul canister vacuums every 4-6 years, depending on the use and when it comes to upright vacuums and canister powerheads, you should overhaul them every 2-3 years. Uprights and powerheads are more susceptible to breakdowns, so you should examine them more frequently. 

Alter Filters More Frequently 

Machines fitted with HEPA or electrostatic filters need their filters changed at least once yearly or more frequently if used in extremely dusty environments. These filters decrease airflow considerably even when they're clean and new.
Bear in mind that when they're dirty, they can virtually plug your machine up, making it extremely hot and incapable of cleaning. 

Talk to Your Technician 

If you believe your machine isn't functioning properly, or if it's making strange noises, contact our experts at Hollywood central vacuum for guidance. We're eager to hear from you and can frequently diagnose the issue, saving you time. 

Examine Motor Fasteners 

The installation of each central system takes place in your home and constructed around an electric motor. If the system experiences problems, a service interruption can occur, causing all kinds of problems, including the need for repairs and having to reside in a dirty home. Examine the motor fasteners occasionally to prevent a malfunction. 

Inspect Hose Heads and Vacuum Hoses

The hoses must be in good condition for proper functioning. Ensure you examine hoses for damage and ordinary wear and tear. Inspect the hoseheads frequently, eliminate dirt accumulation, and substitute the carbon brushes every 3-4 years for system effectiveness.
You need to clean, take care of, and maintain a central system the same way you would if you had a normal upright vacuum. If you wish to extend its life, consider these tips.