When to Call for Central Vacuum Repair in Fort Lauderdale

The introduction of central vacuums has made cleaning much easier in households. After all, you no longer need to lug a heavy appliance throughout your home or worry about being unable to reach some places.
This appliance is convenient since you only need to carry the wand and hose. You'll discover it comes with a huge range of accessories as well, allowing you to tailor your cleaning experience. While this system is convenient, the complex nature and numerous components lead to the possibility of repairs and damage.
If you discover your machine has a problem, it's advisable you contact a vacuum repair shop Fort Lauderdale for expert guidance and repair. Remember, if you ignore some vacuum issues, your appliance is likely to experience more expensive and complicated damage. Here's a list of signs that you need to contact the best vacuum repair Fort Lauderdale
Central Vacuum Fort Lauderdale

No Power 

If your central system doesn't turn on completely, a few things could be the cause. The first thing you should do when this happens is to examine the breaker. It's likely the breaker tripped without your knowledge.
You can fix this problem by simply resetting the system's breaker. If this problem persists, you can consider resetting the unit to establish whether you've resolved the issue. When your appliance doesn't turn on, it's an indication that your relay needs replacement.
You can do this by calling our experts from central vacuum service Fort Lauderdale who specialize in repairing central vacuums.
Another possible cause of this problem is the motor. While this occurrence isn't common, numerous decades or years of use could wear the motor down. Fortunately, you can purchase motors and other durable parts from our central vacuum repair at affordable costs.
Another possible cause of the problem could be the bad signal from the vacuum to the wall inlet. Contact us and we'll guide you through an easy test. 


While clogs are common with every vacuum, they can be somewhat more complex to handle when you have a central vacuum. Keep in mind that excess accumulation of dust, dirt, or pet hair can cause a problem with the suction.
Depending on the location of the clog, this might affect the performance of all or some of the inlets throughout your home, decreasing or eradicating suction capabilities. The first thing you must do is examine the clog's site yourself.
It might be near the inlet or in the hose; if that's the case, it's likely that you'll be able to locate and unclog it yourself. However, you're better off working with any of our professionals if you locate the clogs elsewhere in the system. 

Low Suction 

When you experience a decrease in your vacuum's suction, some sort of leak is the possible cause. These leaks could be the result of various problems. Cracks or punctures in the tubing could be the issue and these will require repair or replacement of the tubing. It's also likely that disconnection of the tubing has taken place or numerous hoses have been plugged into your central vacuum. 

Motor Malfunction 

A malfunctioning or broken motor is most probably the outcome of an advanced unit or overuse. The motor might be repairable or might need total replacement. Regardless of the cause, you should leave the motor repair to professionals.
When handled by an expert, you'll discover it frequently upholds the manufacturer's warranty. While you can try troubleshooting these issues on your own, it's best you call an expert to repair your central vacuum. A professional will analyze the system and assess the problem, saving you the trouble. 

Electrical Issues 

In older systems, electrical issues or failure might occur at the major unit or individual units. Vacuum systems might start but stop suddenly. Bear in mind that electrical damage within your home might affect your central vacuum or decrease the voltage to the major unit.
A professional from vacuum repair will address whatever electrical problems your vacuum is experiencing. The one repair you can try is resetting the fuse joined to the central vacuum. More advanced repairs include replacing and reconnecting wires, substituting fuses, or in extreme circumstances, rewiring the unit entirely.
When you begin noticing that your central vacuum is experiencing some issues, contact an expert to help get it running effectively again. At Gator Vacuum, we have extensive experience in working with central vacuums of various kinds. Moreover, we provide a range of premium services and products. Regardless of your needs, we'll be glad to assist you.