Don't Let Pet Hair Destroy Your Central Vacuum

While pets are a joy to have in our homes, clean up time can be a big hassle, especially when it comes to pet hair. Numerous cat and dog breeds shed a considerable amount of hair, and it can be unsightly, particularly if it begins sticking to furniture and carpets.
Excessive hair build-up can even cause allergies in some people. Therefore, it's only natural for pet owners to vacuum their homes regularly. However, not everyone knows that not all vacuums are meant to pick up pet hair.
Beware that vacuuming pet hair with the wrong model could damage the motor and require you to replace your vacuum often. If you're concerned about your pet destroying your vacuum, vacuum repair West Palm Beach is ready to assist you.
Our highly knowledgeable staff can offer invaluable insight into this topic. If you're wondering how to prevent your pet from damaging your vacuum, consider these tips.

Select the Appropriate Kind of Vacuum

With numerous vacuums to choose from, establishing the best choice can be difficult. Whether it's an upright, canister, or robot, various models are specifically designed for pet hair. These models all have a bag, filter system, and in numerous cases, motors that are designed to handle the substantial hair quantities you'll be sucking up.
At vacuum repair shop west palm beach, we advise our clients against purchasing cheaper vacuums because they aren't durable when it comes to pet hair. Chances are you will be replacing a low-cost vacuum within six months of purchase.
To avoid frequent replacement, we recommend you opt for high-quality brands that can tolerate the pressure of sucking large quantities of hair.

Examine the Suction and Motor After Each Use

Vacuum Cleaner Repair West Palm BeachEven if your vacuum's specifications indicate that it's intended for pet hair, we recommend you examine the motor regularly after each use. Ensure that the motor still functions well and that its suction is still powerful.
One of the major reasons why a vacuum loses its suction power is due to pet hairs that are stuck in the motor. Make sure you clean the motor and ensure debris isn’t stuck in the vacuum so that it can function with optimal performance.
When pet hair penetrates the motor, it won't take long for the motor to overheat and stop functioning. Soon, you'll have an expensive machine that doesn't work. In this case, you'll need to contact the best vacuum repair west palm beach for a solution.

Clean the Filter

Cat and dog hair are problematic for conventional filters. Hair either penetrates or entirely blocks the filter. Unless the filter is washable, which numerous vacuums lack, it's virtually impossible to eliminate all the hair. This causes suction problems and ultimately damages the vacuum.
While the filter on your vacuum can be effective, it requires regular cleaning. Some models need cleaning after three months; however, if you have pets, periodic cleaning of the filter becomes a necessity, particularly if you want to maintain proper functioning of your vacuum.
Moreover, periodic cleaning will prevent your vacuum from overheating and blowing the motor. We recommend you spend a couple of minutes cleaning instead of purchasing a new appliance.

Go Bagless

Generally, bagless options offer numerous benefits compared to bagged vacuums when pet hair is involved. Where possible, obtain a bagless cleaner and one that enables quick release. Remember, vacuums can't suck well if their canister or bag is full to capacity.
Bagged options can be a hassle to use, and they can be costly because they need changing almost every week. Bagless options, however, are easier to maintain and clean. Moreover, they have a fast release function, so the canister is easy to take out and empty.

Proper Cleaning of Other Parts Such as Hoses and Wands

Besides the motors and filters, pet hair can get stuck in other components such as hoses and wands. Examining these areas regularly won't take considerable time, but can make a significant impact on the function of your vacuum. Consider including a check of these parts in your regular routine.

How Pet Hair Damages Vacuum Cleaners


Pipes and hoses

When you are using vacuum attachments not meant for pet hair, you'll realize just how fast they can fill up and become obstructed. This can actually occur in minutes, adding pressure to the entire vacuum, affecting the suction, and ultimately making the whole system overheat and burn out.

Heads and brushes

Pet hair and ordinary vacuum brushes don't go hand in hand. Either they don't suck it up, or the brushes become full of pet hair.
While pets can add happiness to our lives, they can also damage vacuums with their hair. Therefore, it's important you exercise caution when it comes to your appliance.