Why You Need Good Grout Cleaning Products

Keeping your grout clean can feel like a gargantuan task, that never ends. No matter how clean you try to keep your bathroom or kitchen, the grout can grow mold or get dingy and tired looking. Many people decide that the tiles need to be replaced at this point, but there's no need to go to this much expense. Instead, you just need the right tools to keep that grout bright and clean. Here's why you need good quality grout cleaning products, and how you should be using them.

Why Grout Gets Dingy

Grout Cleaning ProductsFirst of all, you need to understand why your grouting can get so dirty, even if you work hard to keep your home clean. If you're mopping your floors regularly, why is the grouting so dingy looking?

The answer is in the nature of grout itself. The material is porous, and so it can take in a lot of dirt and other material that settles on it. This is especially true with tiled floors, as the grout is the lowest point of the floor. That means mop water settles in it, and any dirt contained in it settles into the grout itself.

How You Can Stop Grout Getting Dirty

There are two ways you can maintain your grout and keep it from looking dirty:

1. Hire a professional: There are professionals out there that will come and deep clean your grout for you. They'll save you the job of doing it yourself, but they can be expensive and you'll have to ensure you're home so they can get to work.

2. Use good cleaning tools: You can, instead, use good quality cleaning tools in order to help you keep that grout clean and bright. If you use the right tools, then you won't have to put too much work in, and you'll get results just like those if you'd hired a professional.

How To Clean Your Own Grout

Ok, so how do you get that grout as clean as the day it was applied? There's a quick process you can use that won't cost the earth, or require a lot of elbow grease. It's all about the products you use.

Here at The Grout Cleaning Store, we have a three-step process that will help you get that grout sparkling:

  • Step One Groutrageous Grout Cleaner: This is the tool you should start with. This product is a concentrated acid that will get down into your grouting, and remove any stains with its brightening formula.

  • Step Two Grout And Tile Rinse: This product is designed to rinse your tiles down and return them to a neutral state, after being cleaned with the grout cleaner.

  • Step Three Grout And Tile Cleaner: This cleaning solution will not damage your tile finishes, and will eliminate any sour mop smells. It's the best way to keep your tiles clean.

These professional grout cleaning products are used by professionals when they're cleaning grout, and now you can use it in your own home. Use these products on a regular basis, and you'll see that you'll be able to keep that grout clean and bright all the time. Won't your floors look so much better when you're keeping it clean?

Other Tips For Keeping That Grout White

Gator VacuumProper maintenance is the way to keep your grout looking clean, no matter how old it is. Here's how you can keep your floors looking brand new:

  • Regular cleaning: Of course, the easiest way of keeping your grout clean is to clean it regularly. Look after your floors and the grout will stay cleaner, longer.

  • Use a color seal: These seals can be applied when you have your flooring installed. This will protect your grout and make it harder for dirt to settle.

  • Reduce dirt coming in: A good way to ensure your floors stay cleaner is to ban the wearing of shoes on your tiled floors. The less dirt coming in, the less that can settle into the grout.

As you can see, it's easier than you'd think to keep dirt from settling in your grout. Regular cleaning and treatment with our products can get that grout sparkling white again.