How Much Should you Spend on a Central Vacuum?

Gator Vacuum is your premier vacuum repair company in Cooper City. With years of extensive industry experience, we continue to meet the cleaning needs of home and business owners across the city. With a full range of residential, commercial, central and traditional vacuum cleaners, we stand by all our products and services.
If looking for vacuum repair near me, we specialize in all types of repairs and upgrades for central and traditional units. Similarly, we carry a fine line of accessories, including inlet hoses, brushes, sweepers and much more. As always, our products are fairly priced – and come with user-friendly instructions and directions. Whether for the home or office, here are some benefits of central vacuums in Cooper City:
  • Central vacuum cleaners are more flexible and convenient than traditional, bulkier units that you have to lug around.
  • Central vacuums simply connect to wall inlets, which can be installed in any room you desire.
  • Central motors and processing units are usually installed in basements, and connect to all rooms in your property via wall inlet.
  • You can attach brushes, sweepers, hoses and all types of accessories for timely and effective cleaning.
  • Central vacuum systems are designed to clean hardwood, parquet floors, upholstery, carpeting, rugs and all types of flooring. They are also flexible, mobile and designed for easy cleaning and usage in living rooms, bedrooms, dens, and more.

Central Vacuum Cooper City

The Gator Vacuum Difference

Central vacuum cleaners in Cooper City are a great investment for any home or business owner. In fact, it’s better to invest in a new central vacuum system – as opposed to repairing it. This saves you crucial time and money while continuing to improve the quality of your home, health and family’s safety. Similarly, these units provide deep-cleaning that is great for germ, dust, dirt, grime and mite removal in businesses. These units are proven to keep your home allergy-free while removing large particles such as sand.
At Gator Vacuum, we are committed to excellence in all central vacuum repairs, installations, and services. Our service techs are also highly-skilled and knowledgeable and can help you find the right system to meet all your cleaning needs. Here are some more benefits of choosing central vacuum cleaning systems in Cooper City:
  • We feature a full range of replacement motors, relays, transformers and central vacuum power units.
  • We bring true experience to every repair, upgrade, installation or service job.
  • We feature a myriad of essential attachments, motors, and much more for daily – weekly – monthly vacuum cleaning.
  • We also offer emergency vacuum repair for Cooper City homes and businesses.
  • Our online store features every part and accessory requires central vacuum repair.
If needed, we can bring our central vacuum repair van to your property. This allows us to showcase the largest selection of central vacuums systems, household vacuums, commercial vacuums and even Backpack Vacuums. The latter is very convenient, mobile, and perfect for cleaning hard to reach surfaces in homes and businesses. 

Central Vacuum System Costs

As with any vacuum cleaner purchase in Cooper City, the cost is as important as value. While some companies charge as much as $3,000 for some units – we truly offer a range of promotional discounts, specials, and fair market prices. In fact, the average cost for central vacuum system installation – in homes less than 3,000 square feet – is between $1,200 and $3,000. However, the accessory kits, number, and type of wall inlets – as well as the power unit and hoses all factor in varying prices.
If you are shopping for a central vacuum, go no further than Gator Vacuum. We sell, install, repair and service all major brands and models at the best prices. We are also an A+ Rated business and Accredited Business Trusted by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). When it comes to central vacuums in Cooper City, we discuss all details with you in a timely and professional manner. For more information, visit our website or contact us today.