Keep your Home Healthy and Clean with a Central Vacuum

Cleaning the house is a never-ending job. Every day dust, mold spores, pollen, and allergens make their way into your home via your family members and guests. Keeping up with such unwanted visitors can seem a Herculean task at times. In order to tackle this job, you have to lug a heavy vacuuming unit from room to room, untangling cords, barking your shins as you carry the machine, dinging your furniture as you sweep. Your vacuum needs serviced every six months or so and if it breaks you are stuck seeking a vacuum repair near you or replacing your machine entirely. It doesn’t have to be this way. You can upgrade your vacuuming experience and the value of your home by adding a central vacuum system to your house.

What is a Central Vacuum System

The main vacuuming unit of a central vacuum system, which contains the motor, filter, and debris receptacle is located in an out of the way place in our near your home. The most common place to locate this unit is in the garage or basement. This is connected via pipes to wall inlet valves located in each room of your home. When a hose is connected to the wall inlet in a room, it turns the suction on and all dust, dirt, and debris is sucked through this network of pipes and hoses back to the filter and debris receptacle in the basement or garage. There is a wide variety of hoses and accessories that can be utilized with a central vacuum system so that you can clean anything in your home.

What Are the Benefits of a Central Vacuum

Central VacuumThe most obvious benefit of a central vacuum system is that you do not have to lug a machine from room to room. This eliminates the strain on your body from carrying a heavy vacuum and bruises from hitting your body parts against an unyielding machine carapace. The ease in which you may use your central vacuuming system alone is reason enough to consider installing one. All you need to carry from room to room is the hose and accessories you need for your task. Some central vacuum owners keep hoses in each room, they are compact enough to store virtually anywhere. Central vacuum systems are never heavy, bulky, or off balance, and there are no cords to worry about tangling around furniture legs or around doorways.

Central vacuum systems are utterly versatile, with the available accessories, you can clean surfaces that you could never clean with traditional canister vacuum cleaners. It doesn’t stir up dust like a broom and due to the configuration, a central vacuum cleaner produces exponentially more suction than any canister vacuum. The motor being stationary allows for a larger motor to be used, which creates a stronger suction than any portable motor could create. This powerful suction removes more dust, dirt, and debris from your in-home environment than all of your previous vacuums and the pipe system takes everything picked up straight out of your home to the receptacle. This leaves the air and total environment cleaner and healthier than any cleaning you have done before. Central vacuum cleaners generally require little maintenance and upkeep but there are built-in vacuum cleaner services in SouthWest Ranches for both consultation and repair should the need arise.

A Built-in Vacuum Cleaner is a Perfect Choice for Your Home

Your home will be cleaner and healthier with the addition of a central vacuum system. Finding a central vacuum service to install in the SouthWest Ranches area is fast and easy! In a short amount of time, you will no longer be dreading your cleaning chores. The ease in which you can now vacuum each room will make the job seem like a vacation compared to the old canister vacuum days. The addition of a central vacuuming system not only upgrades the everyday health and wellness of your family but it also upgrades the value of your home.