Three Reasons Having a Central Vacuum will Change Your Life

Cooper City Vacuum RepairA central vacuum or ducted system is installed into a home or building and comprises a collection container, base power unit, and inlets positioned in convenient locations throughout a home.
If the time has come to substitute your aging vacuum cleaner, perhaps it's time you invested in a central vacuum from our central vacuum service Cooper City. You'll discover central vacuums have distinct benefits that are worth recognizing when seeking the best vacuum for your lifestyle.
What numerous homeowners don't know is that these vacuums are generally more convenient, powerful, and quieter than conventional vacuums and they increase resale home value. Here are three reasons this vacuum will change your life.

Power and Efficiency

  • Before you purchase another portable cleaner, think of what you actually need and want from your appliance. You'll find that convenience and cleaning power typically top the list. Central vacuums have up to 5 times the power of portable ones since their motors are much larger.
  • This additional power enables them to capture debris and the smallest particles efficiently and fast without compelling you to track over difficult spots repeatedly. With 3-5 times more power than most portable cleaners, you obtain superior cleaning in decreased time.
  • Since the vacuum's power unit is situated in the garage, closet, or basement, and you don't have to carry it around while cleaning, it can have a bigger and more powerful motor. As a result, these vacuums not only extract surface dust but also the deep particulates and grit that age your carpet, thereby helping you save the investment.

Smart Investment and Versatility

  • Most people don't consider purchases such as household appliances as investments. Yet, the installation of a central vacuum from vacuum cleaner Cooper City doesn't just save money over time. You'll discover it enhances property value as well.
  • As a long-term investment, you should recover money spent installing the vacuum system in an existing or newly built home once you sell the property. You'll discover that our central vacuums last longer than their portable counterparts.
  • While most portable cleaners need replacement every couple of years on average, central vacuums can last even 10 years before you think about scheduling maintenance or replacing accessories. When it comes to versatility, carpets and furniture inside your home aren't the only surfaces that gather dust.
  • Crannies and nooks outside your home can benefit from the efficiency and power of a central vacuum too. The vacuum's long hose makes easy work for trucks, cars, boats, or vans. Whether your garage is full of cobwebs or is an organized area for woodworking, a central vacuum is perfect.
  • We recommend this appliance because it does not stir up dust like when you use the broom for sweeping and it's less cumbersome than pulling a portable cleaner outside. In case you need attachments and accessories for your appliance, you can always visit our vacuum repair shop in Cooper City.

Improvement of Air Quality Indoors and Minimal Noise

Cooper City Vacuum RepairTo remain healthy, the indoor air should be safe and clean to breathe. One of the first things our clients notice upon purchasing a central vacuum is cleaner air inside their homes. With a central vacuum, you'll inhale cleaner air and decrease the amount of allergens in the air considerably.

In particular, allergy sufferers notice an instant decrease in their symptoms. That's because a central vacuum extracts dirt, allergens, dust, and other debris, instantly sending it out of your home and into the debris canister, which is usually in the basement or garage.

Moreover, the central vacuum's exhaust vent usually points outside unlike a portable unit whose vent blows the air back into our homes. When it comes to portable vacuums, we're so accustomed to how noisy they are that we don't think twice about switching them on if somebody is talking on the phone or trying to sleep.

We presume that the noise simply comes with the territory. However, this isn't the case if you invest in a central vacuum. Actually, the noise is absent since the source of noise or motor isn't in the home but is centrally positioned elsewhere, for instance, the garage or basement.

Vacuuming regularly to eliminate dust, dirt, and other debris particles in your home are necessary. However, the chore doesn't need to feel like hard work. The installation of a central vacuum from our vacuum repair Cooper City will yield outstanding results.
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