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jeff | FL - United States | Submitted 1 Feb 2016

Verified Customer

We too have a central vac system. Have had it for about 11 years. Over the past two years, we have added three dogs to our household and wanted to get something that specifically addresses pet hair etc. We purchased a Dyson DC17 Animal based on reviews and recommendations. While the Dyson does a very good job at removing dirt (we also live in a rural area) that the dogs drag in, there are some issues. As far as quality, the Dyson is a tank. while many of the components are plastic it is rugged and durable. If you have a multi-story house and can afford it, buy two since it can be cumbersome to carry up and down the stairs. 1. The filter clogs continually due to dust and such that is filtered out. I would recommend purchasing additional filters so that you always have one clean to use while the other (s) are being washed. 2. The lack of availability of parts for the unit. We maintain an inventory of belts just in case one breaks. You just can't pop down to Target to purchase one. But that's a different story since Target sells the vacuum but does not stock belts and filters either in the store or online. 3. Don't expect it to completely replace your use of the central vac. The Dyson is a great vacuum for use on carpets however for hardwood surfaced floors it is less than ideal. Also, the flexible hose is great for a quick pickup or to vacuum the baseboards, it is very difficult to use as a hard surface solution. For this stick to your central vac.

Geoff | FL - United States | Submitted 8 Nov 2015

Verified Customer

“I have purchased three vacuums from Gator Vacuum. Two for myself, and one for my daughter. I think Rob and Sharon are absolutely the BEST! You won't find more knowledgeable professionals anywhere in South Florida. My new SEBO is a great machine, and it is packed with features that you won't find in many other vacuums. Rob took the time once again to discuss all the features and benefits of my new SEBO. Gator Vacuum is by far, hands down, the very best place to go if you are considering buying a new vacuum. Kudos to Rob and his team of professionals at Gator Vacuum. Thanks for being the BEST!! Geoff in Coral Springs”

Liz | FL - United States | Submitted 20 Aug 2015

Verified Customer

“BEST EXPERIENCE EVER!I have used another company for 13 years for my central vacuum and their service became terrible. I called Nutone to get a name for another company to use. They gave me the name of Gator Vacuum. I spoke to Sharon and she was extremely nice and helpful. She had the service guy Todd call me. In a couple days he came from Coral Springs to Miami. Not only did Todd fix the problem but he was honest, friendly and gave us great customer service. I was only charged for the service call and they fixed my central vacuum that had been broken for 3 months. Sharon also followed through the whole process.
Customer Service is the most important thing in any company. Gator Vacuum not only has the best customer service they went over and beyond to make me happy. I will definitely use them again and get my new vacuum with them when needed. LOVE GATOR VACUUM!!!”

Andrea S | VT - United States | Submitted 29 Mar 2015

Verified Customer

“Hello, potential Miele vacuum shoppers.....I have never written a review before (can you tell)....but I have a heartfelt, completely honest one for you. An incredibly knowledgeable, friendly woman, Sharon spent a lot of time with me on the phone, right after I dropped my Miele vacuum and well it was beyond repair.
I have tripped over, stepped on, dropped down a carpeted staircase and not a scratch before, but this day was different. It fell out of my SUV and fell upon concrete. As I was on a job, I needed to replace it asap. Sharon listened and after answering many questions, she came through with the perfect deal for me. She gave me an incredible deal, shared helpful tips about things I never knew about my vacuum and sent it out immediately.
It arrived well packaged, it was truly a blessing as I needed to continue working and I never missed a beat.
For heaven's sake, if you are in the market for a new vacuum, there is no other like a Miele. I have been a customer for 15 years and they are the best. Turn your t.v. off when those Dyson or Shark commercials come on.....get a Miele and ask to speak to Sharon at the retail store. She is so wonderful, I promise....she will give you the time, have the answers to all your questions and after all, how many of you actually receive customer service like that anymore? Thanks, Sharon, love and my Miele.”

Gina | FL - United States | Submitted 21 Feb 2015

Verified Customer

The Dust Care DCC-2000C is one of the widely recommended central vacuum units for homes that never had or will be replacing their existing central vacuum. This American-made unit is extremely durable, with the price tag that is not overboard. Its powerful motor can cover up to 9,000 square feet of cleaning area, which is bigger than most homes and confirms the suction power it can deliver. The DCC- 2000C is one of the central vacuums that operate quietly with just 71 decibels. Thus, vacuuming will never be as distracting as ever and makes it less of a chore to do.
The unit ensures easy installation, easy operation, quick emptying mechanism, and cleanup is a breeze. Compared to other central vacuum units, you’ll have peace of mind because you are protected by a seven-year quality warranty. That alone ensures extended serviceable years without worrying about extra costs from repairs or replacements.


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