The Three Most Common Vacuum Issues (and how to fix them!)

Whether you own an old-fashioned vacuum cleaner or the latest model, the small appliance is one of the simplest in most homes and while its mechanics may be simple, it needs some repair and maintenance.

These appliances make it easy to keep our floors dust free and clean. However, they're prone to the sporadic breakdown due to the nature of their work. Although the act of finding faults in these appliances can be straightforward, it's advisable you seek professional help from the best vacuum repair SouthWestRanches.

Remember, safety is a major issue while implementing home repairs, and if you don't have the necessary protective gear, the experts at our vacuum repair shop SouthWest Ranches will get the job done. Here's a look at the three most common vacuum problems.

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Do you have Suction Loss?

Typically, the causes for a vacuum's inability to eliminate dirt can be due to numerous basic issues, which our vacuum cleaner repair can deal with easily. One of the possible causes is a blocked air filter, which our professionals can easily remove, inspect, and clean out thoroughly.

In the event that we discover more damage, we'll typically recommend replacement. We'll also examine the exhaust filter to ensure it isn't torn, blocked, or physically damaged. A suction loss may also indicate a clogged vacuum hose.

You can inspect it physically after detaching it from the appliance. You simply need to extend it fully and ensure it's as straight as possible. Next, use a powerful flashlight to shine light through it. If the light can't pass through, it means dirt residue exists in the hose.

If that's the case, you can clear the hose of obstructions using a long-handled cleaning tool. If you notice your vacuum doesn't exhibit any suction and can't clean up dust, a problem could exist on the blower wheel.

In some cases, dirt could be the cause of blockage or something might be pressed against it. Consider rotating the wheel manually to see whether any obstructions exist. If you opt for home repair and establish that the filters are the source of the problem, we recommend you remove and clean them using plain water if they're washable.

Don't use any chemicals or cleaners to clean the filter. It's also imperative that you let the filters dry completely before you return them for use. Beware that a wet filter could blow your vacuum's motor.

Are you getting that Burning Smell?

Vacuum cleaners comprise several components that function together to offer suction to eliminate dirt, dust, and debris from your house's flooring. A vacuum's belt works to rotate the brush roller, which helps direct debris into your appliance.

When an issue arises throughout the vacuuming process, a burning odor may arise, signifying that a component isn't operating properly. Possible sources of a burning smell include

Belts: A broken or stuck belt is one source of a burning smell. Therefore, switch off, unplug the cleaner, and check whether the belt is broken or if there's carpet fiber, string, or hair preventing the belt from turning the brush roller. If you find any fibers or strings, remove them from the brush roller and if necessary, consider belt replacement.

Debris ClogIf you're vacuuming an area rug and an object gets stuck between the belt and brush roller, your cleaner will produce a burning smell. Make sure you switch off the cleaner, unplug it, and pull the object or rug gradually from your vacuum.

Motor IssueIf the brush roller and belt are functioning properly but a burning smell is still emerging from the appliance, the issue is a possible defective motor. Fortunately, an expert at vacuum repair SouthWest Ranches will inspect it and give you a solution.

Does the Vacuum Vibrate or Shake when Turned On?

This is likely to happen for various reasons. For instance, the bearings on your brush roll will degrade over time particularly without regular maintenance. When this occurs, your appliance may start shaking since the brush roll is out of balance.

You'll have to replace it; most people don't know that the replacement of the brush roll should take place twice annually. Another possible cause of this problem is a damaged motor fan.

This can arise if you vacuum things such as marbles, pennies, or other tiny hard objects. In the event that we discover a broken fan, you'll need to replace it. Therefore, ensure you pick up the small things you wouldn't want harming your appliance.

If your vacuum isn't working, it could be the result of one of these common problems. Therefore, consult one of our experts before making a rash decision.


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