Tips for Properly Vacuuming Your Home

Vacuuming is mandatory in any home, particularly if you own a carpet. Most people believe that there's nothing to the vacuuming process, and all you need to do is simply plug the appliance. Unbelievably, there's an art to vacuuming properly.
It's not surprising that most people vacuum improperly. Fortunately, we've been in the vacuum industry for over 25 years, making us experts when it comes to these valuable tools. If you suspect you've been vacuuming wrongly, perhaps it's time you considered our professional tips. 

Maintain a Vacuuming Schedule 

If you're the kind of person who doesn't vacuum until your rug or carpet looks dirty, it means you are waiting too long. By the time your coverings begin looking soiled, they're possibly so caked with dirt and dust that they require a deep clean instead of a simple vacuuming.
We suggest you choose your preferred day and stick to that schedule to ensure your floors remain clean constantly. Most of the times you'll find that vacuuming after a week or two is enough. However, areas that generate high traffic in your home may require some extra attention.
For instance, you'll notice that floors in living rooms, hallways, and foyers will usually see more action compared to other places in your home. Naturally, that implies that a bigger amount of soil and dirt will accumulate on hardwood and carpets in such areas.
Nevertheless, the frequency with which these spots need care is dependent on how active the household is, so it may be necessary to vacuum these spots every other day or twice per week. In the event that you own pets that shed, it's advisable you vacuum more frequently than once weekly. 
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Consider Servicing Your Vacuum 

We recommend you service your vacuum every 12-18 months because of the accumulation of dust and dirt, which ultimately slow down your brush roll, causing excess wear and tear on the vacuum belt and motor.
Remember, a worn out brush may still appear fine; however, if you don't replace it, it will merely turn without touching the carpet. Consequently, this will decrease your efficiency by as much as 50%. Fortunately, you can count on our professionals at central vacuums Boca Florida to service your vacuum and avoid possible issues. 

Use the Appropriate Vacuum Cleaner 

Various vacuum cleaners exist on the market, with some featuring beater bars while others lacking them. It's important you choose a vacuum that has sufficient suction and air flow to enable easier cleaning. Otherwise, you'll have a matted carpet due to foot traffic. Ensure you also recognize the vacuum, which suits your flooring.
For instance, you shouldn't vacuum using beater bars for area rugs and carpets with looped fibers or comprise natural materials such as silk or wool. Additionally, you must use the appropriate accessories for the task. If you're still uncertain about the kind of vacuum to use, you can't go wrong with a Boca central vacuum cleaner. 

Keep the Vacuum Clean 

It's imperative you consider your appliance's inner workings when thinking about a vacuuming technique. Bear in mind that your appliance should have sufficient airflow to work properly.
If you typically allow the vacuum bag or canister to fill to the brim before you empty it out, your appliance will be less efficient. Therefore, empty the vacuum after every use and alter the bag frequently.
Additionally, you can seek advice from the experts at Boca central vacuums and discover how to clean this appliance from the canister to the base plate. 

Select the Appropriate Setting

One tip that will help you vacuum more efficiently is ensuring that you select the suitable setting on your appliance. Remember, numerous vacuums have varied settings that enable adjustments depending on the surface you're cleaning.
In the event that your carpet is shaggy, you'll need a different setting than if you were cleaning hardwood flooring. You should adjust the settings depending on the surface's height that you're cleaning. By modifying this height, you'll ensure you obtain the best suction and you'll ultimately clean your floors more efficiently.
Bear in mind that your floors' height will probably differ throughout your home. If you have different flooring types in your home, you'll want to consider the adjustment of settings while vacuuming your home.
The vacuum cleaner is one of the most important tools you can own to help maintain clean floors. However, it's crucial you use it appropriately if you desire effective results. If you suspect you've not been using your appliance appropriately, these invaluable tips will guide you in the right direction.

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