Vacuum Repair – Addressing Three Common Problems

Vacuum cleaners are the most common appliances found in homes and businesses. From traditional standard uprights to newer bagless models, vacuums are not exempt from repairs and maintenance. The same also goes for innovative and cutting-edge central vacuum cleaners.
Just like your vehicle that won’t run without the right parts and components, vacuum cleaners also need functional parts to secure optimal performance. This includes hoses, belts, and suction power, which are essential in picking up and removing dirt, dust, grime, and elements embedded deep within carpet and rug fibers. While vacuums will eventually show signs of wear and tear, vacuum repairs in Boca Raton can restore your units to new. With this in mind, let’s take a look at three common vacuum cleaning system problems.

Loss of Suction Power

Boca Raton Vaccum RepairLoss of suction power is one of the most common problems associated with vacuum cleaners. If you have a bag model – the first thing you should check on the unit is the bag. A full bag will cause a reduction in suction power. Similarly, look for holes in the bag, which can result in loss of suction and less than stellar performance. Additionally, you need to check inside of the compartment that holds the bag to ensure that debris and dust are not collecting outside of the bag. If debris and dust are present in the bag compartment, it’s a sign of a hole, and it is time to change the bag.
For bagless units, you should check the container to see if it needs to be emptied. Similarly, check the seals on the container to ensure they are intact. Cracked and dried out seals are surefire signs that the container needs replacement. Most vacuum units also have multiple filters that can get clogged with dust and other elements. If these filters get clogged, the suction power will decrease, and that can affect your overall daily, weekly or monthly cleaning. Here are some steps for ensuring your filters are clean and not negatively impacting your vacuum.
  • If the filters on your vacuum are washable, remove them and clean them with plain water.
  • Run water under the filters until the water becomes clear.
  • Avoid cleaners with harsh abrasive chemicals to clean your filters. This can result in more damage for your filters – and when placed back in your unit – can cause mechanical failure and problems.
  • Make sure the filters are completely dry before placing them in the machine. Wet filters can blow out the motor in your vacuum cleaner.

Burning Smell and Beater Bar Is Not Moving

Another common issue with vacuums is beater bars that don’t move. Similarly, if you smell something burning while vacuuming, chances are your unit has a broken belt that needs replacement. At, we offer the best services, repairs, and parts, including replacement components for all types of vacuum cleaners. In fact, we feature top-rated belts for a myriad of vacuum models and brands.

Vacuum Shuts Off During Use

Most vacuum cleaners have high-temperature protection features that shut off the motor to prevent your vacuum from overheating. Overheating can burn out the motor and cause several problems. System sensors can also be triggered to shut off – when the intake hose is plugged, or the unit is set too low for optimal vacuuming. Similarly, if you have a hand-held battery operated vacuum cleaner, a loose connection can result in problems that will require vacuum repairs.

Gator Vacuum – Your Vacuum Repair Specialists

At Gator Vacuum, we service and repair all types of vacuum cleaners and systems, including traditional upright units, central vacuums, and even backpacks and portable brands.No repair job is ever too big or small for our qualified repair technicians in Boca Raton. Additionally, we are fully certified and insured and always arrive on time to fix or replace your system. If you are dealing with recurring issues with your vacuum, chances are some parts need to be replaced. Similarly, problems can be the result of mechanical failure or simply the age of your unit.
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