When Is It Time To Take It To A Vacuum Repair Professional?

Anything can happen when a homeowner uses a vacuum attachment to clean hard-to-reach or not clearly visible areas. Under the fridge or behind it. Beneath the range or dishwasher. Under the kitchen sink. Behind a toilet. The perimeter of a tub or a tiled wall. A little moisture can be retained in those places without anyone the wiser. One owner did exactly that. The attachment drew moisture into the bag, which then trickled down to the motor, without her knowing it until two days later when the machine was again plugged in to use, and a puff of smoke emanated from the machine and sparks flew from the electrical outlet.

Luckily that person lost only the machine and had no wall damage or outlet damage. Not everyone may escape so well. We at Gator Vacuum in Hallandale can help prevent cleaning equipment mishaps with proper diagnosis and maintenance. People often do not recognize the importance of maintenance for a motor, especially small ones.

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A smelly vacuum is just one suggestion there may be a need for repairs or at least maintenance. Most people tend to think that a bag or canister does not need emptying or replacing until it is full. Think about what the sweeper picks up and think about that stuff just sitting there closed up in a confined space indefinitely. An empty or replacement routinely is not a bad idea, if not after each use. Ever vacationed in a cabin at the lake or in the mountains? How often do you sweep it while you are there? Why? Because of what your feet bring in. Would you even consider pouring those sweep-ups into a bowl telling yourself you will empty when you leave to go home?

Many things can happen to an up-right or another style of portable vacuum. Loose threads from carpeting can wrap around the wheel that spins the sweeper and completely immobilize it. The pulley for the bar holding the sweeper can break or lose its tread like a tire and stop turning the bar. If the bag fills too much, or even if the contents are very dusty or powdery, they can spill over and affect the vacuum in other ways. The dust residue can clog the filter, which causes the motor to overheat because, like you or me, it needs to breathe too. A dusty environment impedes the other working parts of the vacuum like how well the sweeper turns. Most vacuums do not require lubrication of the inner parts, but a clean machine means one that will perform better. Ever see a vacuum actually blow out dirt or spill it on the rug? There is a clear sign something is missing even if it’s only routine maintenance.

Noises are another indicator something is amiss. A rattling sound means the sweeper has likely picked up something it cannot move through its system like an earring stud, a small rock or some other piece of debris. A screw that has fallen off something or a piece of broken glass or china will sound about the same. Those sounds cannot be ignored or they could penetrate a bag and have about the same effect on the vacuum motor as a beach pebble in the oil pan of your car. A machine running too loudly can also be cause for concern. Think about it. An old gentleman speaking loudly because he does not hear well anymore that does not realize he does it emits very different sounds than any man in distress, old or young.

Call us at Gator Vacuum in Hallandale before you find your machine belly up and barbecued.