Central Vacuum Systems Installation and Repair in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale Vacuum RepairThere are so many reasons why you'd want to have a central vacuum system installed in your home. They're efficient, they're easy to use, and they're so much quieter than a regular system. If you want one installed or maintained, then you're going to need to find a service that can do that for you. A service like Gator Vacuum. Work with them for your central vacuum installation and maintenance, and you will see why they are considered to be the best vacuum repair shop Fort Lauderdale has.

Installing Your Vacuum System

First of all, you're going to need to have your central vacuum system installed. While this is a job that you can do yourself, without too much trouble, it's a great idea to have a professional install it for you. Our professionals at Gator Vacuum have years of experience so you can rest assured they can install your new central vacuum with ease. They'll also be able to troubleshoot if there are any issues during the installation process.

Having the system installed for you can be a lot cheaper than you'd think. It's worth getting quotes before you install it yourself, so you can see just how much it will cost and how much time it can save you.

Common Vacuum Issues

As with all vacuum cleaners, issues with your vacuum system will crop up from time to time. If you maintain your system regularly, you'll find that problems crop up quite rarely. Here are three of the most common issues you'll come across, and how you can deal with them.

  • Loss of suction: The reasons for loss of suction will differ, depending on whether your vacuum is bagged or bagless. If there's a bag, check for a hole in the bag, or if it is time to empty the bag. If your system is bagless, check that the seals are properly sealed together, and again check to see if the chamber is full. In many cases, it may be that the filters on your vacuum need cleaning. Take them out, clean them with plain water, and allow to dry. Put them back in and see if the system regains its suction.

  • Burning smell or non-moving beater bar: If you have a central vacuum cleaner, this issue is probably with the vacuum head you're using. It may be that a moving part isn't moving anymore and needs replacement. You can talk to your local central vacuum service Fort Lauderdale and get a replacement part quite easily.

  • Vacuum is shutting off: Most modern vacuum cleaners are designed to protect themselves when they're getting too hot. If the motor starts getting too warm, then the vacuum will shut itself down. If this is happening to you, check your vacuum's settings. Is it set too low for the surface you are vacuuming? Leave the system to cool down, then change the settings and try again.

Vacuum Maintenance

Fort Lauderdale Central VacuumA good central vacuum will last you for years, but regular maintenance will help it last even longer. Take the time to check over your system every so often to ensure it's in good condition.

Empty the vacuum system regularly, and when you do, take a look at the filters. If they need cleaning, take them out and clean them as mentioned above. Make sure you also inspect the moving parts, to ensure that none of them are wearing out or need repair. If you're checking these things often, you'll reduce the chance of a system breakdown.

Hiring Repair Services

Sometimes you'll come across a problem that you don't know how to fix. When this happens, you'll want to find a central vacuum repair Fort Lauderdale service to help you out. Gator Vacuum can easily handle most central vacuum issues. Simply give us a call and ask us to take a look. We'll get the problem repaired for you quickly and easily, giving you the use of your vacuum system as soon as possible. Some vacuums come with a guarantee, which you should review before you call a repair service.

Having a central vacuum system installed will help you get your home cleaner than ever before, without all the effort. If you need help, you can always call on the service that maintained it for you. Consider having one installed today.