How to Maintain Your Vacuum if You Have Pets

Vacuum Repair Fort LauderdaleUnless you have a hairless dog or cat, your vacuum isnt safe from pet hair!
I should know because we have three dogs. Their innocent, sweet faces could easily fool you but the fact is our family dogs have unintentionally destroyed numerous vacuums.
Not even the superior vacuum cleaner could bear the adorable canines and their continuous, insidious shedding. By the time I realized the significance of regular vacuum maintenance for pet owners, I had gone through four vacuum cleaners.
Like me, you probably have to constantly deal with tangled pet hair around wheels and rollers, causing belts to break. Beware that pet dander obstructs hoses and filters. Therefore, our vacuums need attention the same way our furry friends do.
Thankfully, you can relax knowing that Gator Vacuum Repair Fort Lauderdale will give you the needed solution. Here are some of the things I've learned when it comes to protecting your appliance from pet hair. This guide also reveals how to handle the vacuum in the event that your dog's fur clogs it. 

Here is How to Maintain Your Vacuum if You Have Pets

1. Groom your pet 

The more hair you brush out from your pet, the less that ends up on the floor, preventing your machine from malfunctioning. We sell tools that you can actually use on your pets to brush the hair out in a clean and easy fashion. 

2. Regular Vacuuming

Don't take too long to vacuum because dirty floors with considerable pet hair will only make your appliance work harder.

3. Use the appropriate tools

If you've just brushed your furry friend, avoid mowing over the tufts of fur with your vacuum. Instead, use the hose on the huge tufts to prevent tangles and clogs on the roller.

4. Routine Maintenance

Regular maintenance is crucial if you wish to extend the life of your vacuum. Here's a list of things to watch for and ways of inspecting and cleaning the appliance's vital components:


Hair will typically get stuck around the rollers and implanted in the brushes, making it hard for the vacuum to move around. Therefore, you should flip your appliance once per month to examine the brushes.
When you do so, you'll be in a position to remove fur out of the brushes and de-tangle the roller. While this task is somewhat tedious, you'll discover it's worth keeping your floors free from fur and the vacuum working.


This component works to push the rollers. When hair gets tangled on the rollers, there's a likelihood that the belt could snap. If you find your vacuum is difficult to push, stop what you're doing, unplug it, and turn it over so you can examine the belt. If you find the belt is broken, it's typically a fast fix at the vacuum repair shop Fort Lauderdale and an affordable component to substitute.


Filters become dirty fast when you clean up after your pets. In the event that the filter is blocked, it could cause the appliance to emit an odor and the vent might be unable to cool the motor. Bear in mind that pet dander can also result in allergy problems, so ensure you clean or replace the filter regularly.


Vacuum Repair Fort LauderdaleA suction loss could arise from holes in the hose or toy parts that are stuck in the curve. Consider stretching the hose out to release blockages or disconnect the hose if possible and use a long tool for obstruction removal.
If you notice any tears or kinks in the hose, try wrapping around the weak spot with a duct tape for an impermanent fix.

Waste Bucket

Numerous waste buckets have tight spots where the accumulation of dirt could occur. Use a pipe cleaner or other elongated object to remove dirt from tight corners and clean the waste bucket fully.

5. Give Pedicures

Trimming your dog's nails is a preventative measure for restricting unattractive nail damage. Bear in mind that if the nails are too long, it could lead to flawed hardwood floors, punctured upholstery, and scratched leather.

Do you need Help Selecting the Kind of Vacuum Cleaner?

Since numerous vacuum models exist, it can be rather overwhelming to make a decision. To locate the best machine, you'll first have to determine the kind of cleaner that will function best for your home. This can depend on various factors, including the kinds of floors you have, the amount of fur the pet sheds, and whether your pet has access to the furniture. If your appliance is still experiencing issues, examine these vacuum maintenance and repair guides and get your machine functioning again at the best vacuum repair Fort Lauderdale.
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