Three Tips for Keeping your Vacuum in Good Shape

Gator Vacuum RepairYour Vacuum is an important part of your cleaning routine in your home. When your vacuum is running properly, the air quality of your home is improved, airborne illnesses in the home are reduced, and the floors in your home are overall cleaner and safer for your beloved family. Keeping your vacuum in good repair ensures that your machine will run optimally and be able to last you a long period of time, protecting your investment.
To keep your vacuum in good shape you must always maintain common replacement parts that are prone to wear and tear over time, make sure you are purchasing quality replacement parts that are suited for your particular model and avoiding damage to the machine such as wet filters and clogged rollers, and always inspect the area before vacuuming to ensure you don’t pick up excessively large items that could damage the machine. 

Common Maintenance Parts

Common maintenance parts for household vacuums such as bags, filters, and even hoses are an imperative part of a properly functioning household vacuum cleaner. These parts are prone to wear and tear over the life of the vacuum and are meant to be replaced as they wear out to keep your vacuum running at its peak performance. 

Purchasing from the best Vacuum Repair in Boca Raton and Avoiding Excess Damage

When conducting repairs on your household vacuum, it is important that you chose a retailer that offers quality replacement parts with a knowledgeable customer service team who is available to help you match the correct parts to your specific model. Our vacuum cleaner repair parts in Boca Raton Florida are created with only top quality materials and are built to last and help your machine run at its peak performance. We have a wide variety of replacement parts for your machine and carry all makes and models of household vacuums. If you are in Boca and are asking yourself, “Where can I find a whole house vacuum service near me?” Gator Vacuum and Sewing Company is your one stop repair shop. 

Inspecting the Area for Large Items Before Vacuuming 

Gator Vacuum RepairAnother important tip for keeping your vacuum running in good shape is making sure to thoroughly inspect the floors that you are cleaning before operating your machine. Excessive clumps of hair can quickly clog a vacuum cleaner and stop brushes from rotating. Picking these up ahead of time can help to keep your vacuum running smoothly. Additionally, items such as coins, small toys, marbles, and rocks, etc. should be removed from the floor before vacuuming to prevent from damaging the hose or canister of the vacuum. If the vacuum is not a wet/dry vacuum, you should also make sure that are not running your machine over any wet spots on your floor. 

Vacuum Cleaner Repair Boca Raton 

At Gator Vacuum and Sewing Company, we know that a well-working vacuum is a valuable tool to homeowners and is necessary for many important functions in keeping the home clean and promoting a healthy living environment for your family. We offer a wide variety of replacement parts to meet your vacuum machine repair needs. Additionally, we provide fast, in-home service to our valued customers. Our part prices are competitive, and we only use top quality materials in all of our pieces. When having to buy replacement parts for your machine finding the model numbers and matching the correct part to the correct vacuum model can be very confusing at times. Our qualified staff is experienced in helping you to select the correct part to fit your machine, so you do not have to worry about the costly mistake of buying a part that you cannot use.
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