What To Do When Something Gets Tangled Up In Your Vacuum

Nothing is more frustrating than a tangled up vacuum cleaner. In fact, you have to remove the bag, as well as certain components to effectively dislodge the objects. This can be paper clips, along with buttons and even excessive amounts of human or pet hair. If not removed in a timely fashion, these objects can seriously impact the performance and functionality of your vacuum cleaner. With this in mind, Gator Vacuum offers timely vacuum repair in Fort Lauderdale. With years of extensive repair, maintenance, and service experience, we have the tools and expertise to restore your units back to new.

All Brands and Models Serviced

At Gator Vacuum, we repair and service all types of vacuum cleaners and systems. This includes traditional upright units, along with central vacuums and even backpacks and portable brands. With qualified repair technicians in Fort Lauderdale, no repair job is ever too big or small. We are also fully certified and insured, and always arrive on time to fix or replace your system. If you are dealing with recurring tangles in your vacuum, chances are there are parts that need to be replaced. Similarly, it can be due to mechanical failure, as well as the unit simply conking out due to shelf life.
As your premier vacuum repair shop in Fort Lauderdale, we perform a full unit analysis and assessment. This allows us to pinpoint and address all problem areas, as well as letting you know if the unit should be replaced or salvaged. We never outsource any repair job and always do it ourselves. This ensures optimal quality control across the board, along with meeting your needs in a timely, professional and cost-affordable manner.

The Gator Vacuum Difference

vacuum repair Fort LauderdaleGator Vacuum is committed to excellence in all installations, repairs, and services. As an A+ Rated and Certified Central Vacuum Repair Facility, we are trusted by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and continue to receive stellar industry ratings and customer reviews. Again, all repair – maintenance – service is one on premises, and we feature knowledgeable specialists that can answer all your questions and concerns. Our team also works around your schedule to facilitate all vacuum cleaner repairs and modifications. From replacing motors and accessories to dislodging items stuck in hoses, parts and unit bags, we do it all at Gator Vacuum.

Tangle Free Vacuums

Vacuums truly take a beating throughout the years. In fact, most units will eventually not have the suction power they once had. This is due to everyday usage, along with wear and tear of essential parts and components. However, we can restore your unit back to new with proven techniques and services. This includes but is not limited to:


Unclogging the Vacuum

If time is of the essence, simply contact us and we will arrive at your destination in a timely manner. When it comes to onsite repairs and services, we check for any clogs in your vacuum system’s hoses. We remove the clogs, along with emptying the bag of dirt, dust, grime and other elements it has amassed over the month. Remember; always empty the unit’s bag when it gets to about two-thirds full. This prevents the unit from malfunctioning, as well as not operating at peak-performance rates.

Checking the Brushes

We also check the rotating brush at the foot of the vacuum. This is called the beater brush and is always susceptible to hairs that get tangled. This renders the bristles less effective, and it can be hard to secure proper suctioning for cleaning. We flip the vacuum unit over and take a detailed look at the brush. This allows us to remove debris wrapped around the brush and bristles, which include lint, hairs, and thread from carpets and deep shags. If needed, we can repair or replace the unit’s drive belt and filters as well. With a well-maintained vacuum, you can secure unit longevity long after its shelf life is up.
For more information on vacuum repair in Fort Lauderdale, simply contact us today or visit our website.